Fordyce Spots

Fordyce Spots

Many individuals have Fordyce spots without realising it. Fordyce granules are the tiny clusters of raised white dots that are commonly found on the penis and scrotum of males and the vulva of females. The elevation of the spots ranges from 0.2mm to 3mm in diameter. Fordyce spots are also common on lips, making looking in the mirror a daily battle.

While Fordyce spots are harmless, they can be damaging to your self-esteem due to their placement. The genitals are a sensitive part of the body, and they can become itchy, particularly after intercourse which creates anxiety about how you’ll be perceived by others, especially a partner. Fordyce spots are simply sebaceous glands without hair follicles.

Dr Holman pioneered a groundbreaking new technique of Fordyce Spot removal in 2016 and has had significant success with improving patients lives as a result of this area of special interest. His depth of knowledge is extensive and to date there have been many papers written on the success of this innovative procedure.

3/4 of us experience Fordyce spots

The body produces sebum and builds up over time but without the hair follicles, it can’t be released. The gland swells with sebum and results in a small lump. While Fordyce spots are believed to be present at birth, they generally become more noticeable during puberty and adulthood.

Fordyce spots are not infectious and certainly not a sexually transmitted disease. However, they can present in the same way as Pearly Penile Papules, Tyson’s Glands, Montgomery Tubercules (nipples), skin tags or genital warts. Because of the stigma, this condition causes great anxiety and self-esteem issues.

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Learn how Dr Holman treats Fordyce Spots and book a consultation to free yourself from these little bumps. We’ll get rid of the symptoms and your stress.

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