Teaching, Presenting, and Learning: The Importance of Ongoing Education

Teaching, Presenting, and Learning: The Importance of Ongoing Education

Dr Holman has always recognised the importance of ongoing education by both attending and presenting at medical meetings and conferences. By doing so, he ensures that he is always at the forefront of cosmetic medicine and is providing patients with the most cutting-edge and high-quality care. Dr Holman firmly believes that training and continuing medical education are crucial in all areas of medicine, including cosmetic medicine, as he strives to learn, teach, and share ideas in the field as often and as widely as possible.

AGNES- Radio Frequency 

The AGNES machine builds and expands on the modality of electrolysis (which has had many uses from hair removal to surgical diathermy) and applies it to precisely and accurately target glands and other tissues while protecting surrounding tissues. This technology can be used to target glandular problems such as acne, blackheads, sebaceous hyperplasia, Fordyce spots and syringomas. Its unique anatomically designed micro-insulated needles also allow a second and exciting modality which enables non-surgical treatment of wrinkles, tightening of skin and reduction of fat pads under the eyes, cheek and chin.

When Dr Holman heard about the AGNES machine and the treatment of numerous glandular and other skin conditions he decided to introduce the technology to Australia. He has been using it with great success to treat patients ever since and we are now seeing an upsurge in technology-adapter clinics around the country incorporating AGNES into their treatment options.

Dr Holman recently presented on and demonstrated AGNES in Frankfurt, Germany.

“AGNES is new to Europe and starting to gain attention from European practitioners due to its multi-dimensional treatment applications”, commented Dr Holman after the conference.

The Plasma BT

The Plasma BT system is based on focused advanced Plasma technology and while this technology is fairly commonly available in Australia presently, the particular devise Dr Holman has introduced has an additional modality that is unique to the plasma BT. The device that Dr Holman uses on his patients incorporates an additional handpiece which allows for the treatment of conditions such as acne and rosacea, and is also used to administer liquid substances such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), Vitamin C and other supplements to the dermis (deeper layers of the skin) – all without the need for needles – a great benefit to his patients.

Non-surgical Eye Rejuvenation

Dr Holman teaches hands-on master classes focused on advanced non-surgical combination therapy for total eye rejuvenation. The sessions are focused on eye bag removal, eye lift and non-surgical blepharoplasty using botulinum toxin, fillers, PRP and innovative light-based devices. 

In addition to attending conferences and courses on new developments in cosmetic medicine, Dr Holman also strives to share his knowledge and experience by presenting and teaching. For Dr Holman, teaching is an excellent tool for learning as well, as each time he presents he takes the opportunity to delve deeper into his techniques and approaches to a particular area of cosmetic medicine. Preparing a class or demonstration forces Dr Holman to take a step back and analyse his approaches.

During the presentations (especially in a smaller group like the IFAAS class), Dr Holman also has the opportunity to receive feedback on and have discussions about new techniques and approaches in cosmetic medicine with other experts in the field. Exchanging first hand experience in surgery and other cosmetic procedures, as well as sharing innovative ideas and research into new techniques and technologies as an invaluable part of Dr Holman’s continuing education in aesthetic medicine.