Facial Ageing

Facial Ageing

As we age the properties of our face and skin start to change. No longer is it fresh, full, and dewy, it is now starting to sag and droop, with a loss of volume and often, dull, pitted, and wrinkling skin. This is due to the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin as well as the loss of volume and fullness from the underlying bone and supporting structures of our skin. This all happens with age and is accelerated by the ongoing effects of environmental damage such as sun exposure, smoking and poor diet. This happens from the age of around 30 onwards.

The advances in technology mean that we have treatments to help restore the appearance of youth. By addressing the causes of ageing we can subtly turn back the clock to give a natural result, taking years off our appearances. The best results are always achieved when the cause is addressed. As such some clients may benefit from more simple procedures, while others will achieve their best result with combination therapies.

The treatments that Dr. Holman offers to combat facial ageing are;

AGNES Radio Frequency

Our latest state of the art, AGNES Radio Frequency Machine, is available to treat a range of conditions, including facial ageing complaints of under-eye bags, wrinkles around the eye and also upper eye lips, sagging necks and jowls. The machine operates by inserting tiny needles with radio frequency conduction under the skin to regenerate the lower levels thus tightening up the skin.

An integrated medical-aesthetic approach from the AGNES Radio Frequency Machine induces neocollagenesis (collagen regeneration) by stimulating the dermis only and improves the periorbital wrinkles by increasing the elasticity of skin while the thin epidermis is protected from any skin burns. The thickness of eyelids is clinically very significant because it is too thin(less than 1mm) to be treated through laser, HI-FU and other cooling system-equipped devices which requires a minimum thickness of 1.5mm for its energy to be applied effectively. This is why the treatment results with these devices was not constantly stable and predictable.

As the under-eye bag becomes puffy and noticeable, it often makes you look tired. The crucial consideration of eye bag treatment with the AGNES Radio Frequency Machine is to tighten up the skin layers and remove the fat non-surgically.

The under-eye bag treatment modality with the AGNES Radio Frequency Machine simultaneously improves wrinkles and fat herniation without the incision of skin. While collagen generation is induced and the inner skin layer is contracted without damage to the outer skin, the infraorbital fat is destroyed by injecting insulated needles into the fat pockets. As a result, the newly destroyed fat compartment gets pushed into its original position in eye sockets without surgery. Learn more

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are used for restoring fullness in the face, such as in the cheeks and lips, and filling in fine lines and wrinkles, whether they are marionette lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, or smile lines. Made from naturally occurring substances and absorbed within the body over a period of months, fillers offer clients subtle yet effective restoration of the volume and structure of the youthful face without undergoing plastic surgery. Learn more

Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are designed to relax the muscles that cause our faces to form wrinkles. With anti-wrinkle injections, while they are in effect, you will not add to any wrinkles you may already have and with time can smooth those already there. Learn more

PRP facial and Factor 4

The platelet rich plasma facial is gaining in popularity due the success of harvesting your own natural growth factors found in the platelet rich component of your own blood, which are then carefully injected into your skin to stimulate neocollagenesis (collagen regeneration), which results in skin regeneration and tightening. The therapy involves taking a sample from your own blood and separating the plasma, rich with platelets containing growth factors to put back into your skin. The restorative properties of platelet rich plasma are well documented.

Factor 4 is an enhanced form of PRP where the platelets have been separated from the growth factors which are then incubated to increase their concentration in the plasma. Both give an excellent result due to the ability of the growth factors to stimulate collagen production over time. Learn more

LED treatment

LED light treatment has emerged as a proven way to improve the surface of the skin, especially when combined with other therapies. Light energy is transmitted through the skin in a given wavelength which has the effect of reinvigorating the cells in the dermis layer, giving the opportunity to start producing collagen and elastin, which help the skin to look supple, full, and fresh. The treatment also helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. 8-12 sessions are required for the best effect.

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Dr. Holman

Dr Holman holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, a Bachelor of Health Science, and a Master of Surgery.